AAA Translation April 2015 Monthly Newsletter - Arch Grants Selects AAA Translation and More

My Neighbor is from...Cuba
A new blog feature from AAA Translation, My Neighbor Next Door is from... aims to expand multi-cultural knowledge and break down divides by letting readers get to know immigrants from various neighbor, friend and/or business colleague at a time.
This month's featured country is Cuba, the largest island in the Carribean. A multiethnic country, its people, culture and customs come from diverse origins. The exact meaning of the name Cuba is unclear, but it may be translated either as 'where fertile land is abundant' (cubao) or 'great place' (coabana).

We recently interviewed one of our cherished clients, Vince Estrada. Vince is originally from Cuba, immigrated to the U.S. more than 50 years ago and works with MTS World.

Q. What are the cultural differences between Cuba and the USA?
A. Having been a Spanish colony for nearly 4 centuries, Cuban cultural and ethnic roots are predominantly Spanish, with a mixture of African brought in with the slaves to work the sugar fields after the extinction of the native Indians. Throw in some US influence owing to the geographical proximity and investments and you have the Cuban culture. I believe this synergy produced a unique culture, distinct from that of other Latin American countries.

Q. What brought you to the U.S.?
A. My unwillingness to live under a Communist regime.


Arch Grants Selects AAA Translation as Its Exclusive Translation and Interpretation Partner to Serve Entrepreneurs

Arch Grants, a nonprofit organization that accelerates economic development and community revitalization in St. Louis through entrepreneurship and philanthropy, has selected AAA Translation as its official translation and interpretation partner. 

Arch Grants provides $50,000 equity-free grants and pro bono support services to entrepreneurs willing to locate their early-stage businesses in St. Louis, and AAA Translation will now serve as its exclusive foreign language translation and interpretation partner, providing pro bono services to the organization's grant recipients.

Sponsoring the St. Louis FC

AAA Translation is proud to be a corporate sponsor of the new USL team, the St. Louis FC.

Saint Louis is a prominent city in America's soccer history, dating all the way back to the early 1900s, and we are excited to be part of this new team!

Mosaic Project Advisory Board

Susanne Evens, AAA Translation's Founder and CEO, has been asked to join the Advisory Board for the Mosaic Project. The organization's goal is to transform St. Louis into the fastest growing metropolitan area for immigration by 2020 and promote regional prosperity through immigration and innovation.


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