AAA Translation August 2015 eNewsletter

Feature Immigration Story 

Our Founder and CEO, Susanne Evens, is featured in the latest St. Louis Mosaic Project's immigrant article series.

Born, raised and educated in Germany, Susanne originally moved to the United States in the 1980s - and she immediately loved her new city, St. Louis. Over the next several years, she relocated to many places in the U.S. and around the world, including back to her home country. In 1992, though, she decided to move to St. Louis to settle permanently. "The architecture reminded me of my home in Germany," she said. St. Louis quickly became her new home, and she has been an asset to the city's community ever since.

Within one week of her return to St. Louis, Susanne secured a job in the legal field, given her prior experience as a paralegal. Her original degree, however, was in international business, and she was trained as a foreign language correspondent.

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My Neighbor Next Door is from...England

A monthly blog feature from AAA Translation's Susanne Evens, My Neighbor Next Door is from... aims to expand multi-cultural knowledge and break down divides by letting readers get to know immigrants from various neighbor, friend and/or business colleague at a time.

This month's featured country is England. We recently interviewed Ronnie Crowley, who now lives in Fort Worth, Texas and works with Quindigo Management. She moved here in May 2002 from England with her husband and two children.

Q. What are the cultural differences between England and the USA?

One of the biggest differences I see is how patriotic the general American is. The flying of flags at their home is something I would very rarely consider doing in the UK. I didn't even own a union jack until I came to the USA. Another huge difference I have learned is that the average American is much more open to sharing about their personal thoughts and experiences. I've learned to expect to learn more about an American I've met today than what I know about someone I've known in the UK for 6 months! Americans also seem to be very interested in their heritage and where they come from and this is often part of the sharing. As a culture based on immigration, I'm guessing this is why roots are important.

Q. What brought you to the U.S.?

My husband's job. He works for an aircraft manufacturer who is partnered with a US company to develop a new plane for both countries

Q. What is something most people don't know about your original country?

Most people are surprised to learn that some newspapers in England published daily a "page 3 girl" in them. A page 3 girl is a topless model!

New Clients  

Cheers to our new client Synek! They manufacture and distribute a counter top beer dispenser system and believe that "beer is an art that deserves to be shared with the world."

And a big welcome to HKD Global, the world's largest manufacturer of high-quality tents, shelters and camping equipment.

Client Feedback
"AAA Translation has provided Arch Grants with exceptional and generous pro bono services. We've entrusted AAA Translation to provide us with quality, vetted and appropriate interpreters, and have been thrilled at the outcomes of all of our engagements. We would strongly recommend AAA Translation services for businesses looking for high-quality interpretation and translation services."